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⭐️ Among Us With NEW WIZARD ROLE!
Among Us:
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    1. Albert Jnbaptiste
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      Congraghts slogo

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      I got merch because i like you

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      @faze destroyer noice

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  2. Ruby Ruby
    Ruby Ruby
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    this might be hard to believe but ive never failed card swipe

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    yo scary lari

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    I grabbed merch

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    The merch is so cool I,m now the coolest in school

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    He's so mene

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    I have your merch on now my dude! YOU RULE!

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    When are the leave in space it's amoung us

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    Slogomans is cool and jelly is cool

    1. Edward Gunawan
      Edward Gunawan
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  12. Haile Kassa
    Haile Kassa
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    Wizard role reminds me of harry potter

  13. Haile Kassa
    Haile Kassa
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    Thats actually op

  14. Hacker 1
    Hacker 1
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    slogoman real name is jelly odd second hand

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    I bot it slogo

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    I am in sweden and I have Covid-19

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    I’m sorry I have Covid-19

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    Limo Service
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    I love the love train

  20. LoganBeastBoy
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    i love how Josh says 'diffent'

  21. Mathi Vanan
    Mathi Vanan
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    Jelly said the "S" word

  22. Fletcher
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    Toucan ddtvdghgdvf

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    His but no membership

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    Slogoman you know that so many people there are watching and the merch will not deliver here

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    Paul Adkins
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    Today is going to be my dad birthday 🎂🍰🍫🧁

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    Skid and Pump *ft Bacon*
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    Your a wizard Crainy.

  31. Francess Lorna Estela
    Francess Lorna Estela
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    Anyone notice when they voted Kimmy off they voted in rainbow order.

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    Hillary Sheiowitz
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    It’s jelly

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    Helen Beevers
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    This is so funny

  35. Jaguar trinidad
    Jaguar trinidad
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    I think the impostor cannot sleep

  36. The RobloxNostra
    The RobloxNostra
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    You should make a lava Magma monster Maude it would be very good for your color

  37. Jelly Bobbins
    Jelly Bobbins
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    I have your much

  38. gamer
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    Did u guys know if the kimmy skin is sire sirol skin?

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    I got all the merch🥳🥳🥳

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    Suleiman maxhamed xhamed matan
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    I saw the vent open to times

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    Nichola Nelson
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    Yes I. Love. Your. V

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    Kimmy is a girl name

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    Riley McGuffick
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    Can u play with mr beast pls

  47. Night Hawk
    Night Hawk
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    I was speaker

  48. Nope_scope
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  49. Dr. Asif Naqvi
    Dr. Asif Naqvi
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    Love =love potion Sleep=petrificus totalus Invisble=invisibility cloak Immortal=horqrux

  50. Laike Shema-Hans
    Laike Shema-Hans
    19 օր առաջ

    Kimmy is the imposter

  51. no one knows me
    no one knows me
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  52. Avantay Freeburn
    Avantay Freeburn
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    My name kareem Ricketts Stevon Ricketts

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    I bought your beautiful merch because we like you and slugs

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    My AMget name is Alexgamerproboy with no finger space

  55. Alisa Graham
    Alisa Graham
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    Josh your a wizard why you saying your imposter

  56. Connor Jones
    Connor Jones
    20 օր առաջ

    Love the vids

  57. William lemay
    William lemay
    20 օր առաջ

    hey slogo i dare you to play regular amung us

  58. Gabriel Phillips
    Gabriel Phillips
    21 օր առաջ

    Sligo when you was sleeping with jelly it was cute

  59. Emily
    21 օր առաջ

    i think jelly forgot to turn off his microphone, but in the beginning he said "so josh is the wizard and I'm the imposter"😬

  60. HLM Flames
    HLM Flames
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    ASOME cool vedeios SLOGO

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    Joshua Freeman
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  62. myrgiann 08
    myrgiann 08
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    "sleep.. and love me, sleep and love me!!!"

  63. Seena Asif
    Seena Asif
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    0:07 so op

  64. kandace kline
    kandace kline
    22 օր առաջ

    I bet it copyrighted it from inquisitor master

  65. arif Javed
    arif Javed
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    V wtf everyone would say that

  66. Sarah DiPietro
    Sarah DiPietro
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    Kirsty Farnell
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    My friend has your merch

  68. Sydney J
    Sydney J
    24 օր առաջ

    Did anyone else hear Jelly say Josh is the wizard and I'm the impostor at 1:54 or was that just me

  69. jcpatrick711
    25 օր առաջ

    My among US name is Mr snow

  70. ꧁Bio fire999꧂
    ꧁Bio fire999꧂
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    yall notice jelly? in reactor

    25 օր առաջ

    I love jelly

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    Theodie Brown
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    I'm a fan of u

  75. Nick White
    Nick White
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    You need to do where like100 people are in the game

  76. Mark Anthony Duller
    Mark Anthony Duller
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  77. Muder_Gamming
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    Haven't you noticed that every time socks for 1 posts a video on among us slogo cops there ideas

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    Daria mosleh
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    if any one replie to me ''💡''they get money

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    masang yap
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    me jh

  80. Anna Waite
    Anna Waite
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    When he says it was me i was the impostor

  81. Gtagodgabe#1
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    i went on among us and its very different

  82. Alban Gemuel Arizala
    Alban Gemuel Arizala
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    Wow l love this new role l love wizard

  83. Ethan Yoder
    Ethan Yoder
    29 օր առաջ

    0:42 I think your doin alot more than cuddling there buddy

  84. Kirsty Dunkin
    Kirsty Dunkin
    29 օր առաջ

    im susing jelly or karl

  85. Tonya Holman
    Tonya Holman
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    Josh why didn't you make Carl or Kimmy get a love with you that you know who's the imposter

  86. Jaron Tee
    Jaron Tee
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    How do you do difftrents modes

  87. Adam King
    Adam King
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    Because my birthday is on it March 11th

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    Adam King
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    How old are you

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    Adam King
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    Hey Josh guess how old I am

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    Adam King
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  92. Mark Lawrie
    Mark Lawrie
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    Hay josh could do a vid were u jelly and crainer are all impostors but with no mods

  93. Kirra Boney
    Kirra Boney
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    I knew jelly was the wizard

  94. Nathan Brooks
    Nathan Brooks
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    Do a Harry Potter mod

  95. Nathan Brooks
    Nathan Brooks
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    Dewey Harry Potter mod

  96. LIMO
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    Why didn't they know that Kimmy was the only one who didn't fall asleep?

  97. Jurassic Park
    Jurassic Park
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    i wil mabyl buy some soon

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    It’s kimmy

  99. Dylan Manzer
    Dylan Manzer
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    anyone else knew it was kimmy because at the start when slogo put everyone to sleep except kimmy

  100. Margaret Connolly
    Margaret Connolly
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    meeeee i love you slogo i will buy more