Finding DIAMONDS On ONE BLOCK In Minecraft! (EP 3)

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We found diamonds! Check out the last episode of One Block:
Hide & Seek:
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    Are you the smart 1?

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    The fish name should have jholoppy

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    My new cat is little and it is scaring me

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    Stronger men's look like in the chest

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    Nanda Rampersaud
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  9. 5B17 Ryan LEE
    5B17 Ryan LEE
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    imagine Josh walk off the edge with the dia. pickaxe

  10. Black Panther
    Black Panther
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    Jelly: Johnny Crainer: floppy Jelly: no floppy is dead this is Johnny Slogo: uh uh joloppy

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    yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you diet kdcd odo[ospd dssad

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    Have you looked into the problem that's been sent out of the Ga

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    I liked the video

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    How much pets he has is insane

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    Harley Cool
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    Make platforms and put homes on them and make a bridge to go mine the one block and that is a good idea jelly pooped in the video BTW slug

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    6:12 Fire alarm

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    Me to

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    Call the fish Jonflop

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    Congrats on 10 MIL DIAMOND PLAT!!!!!

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    Megan Cleere
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    Meee tooo

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    Daily apex moments
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    You can make a zoo you have so much pets

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    Nvm only jelly needs it

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    And can ou get crainer and jelly pets so it’s fair if you can

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    Slogo please do another video of this

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    Bilal Karim
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    A parrot was in the water drainer and jelly you both couldn't see and you Sligo

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    jollapy munyanyo hahaha

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    joel villarreal
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    can you try to tame the panda pls and not kill it there just so cute

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    It is an elderly gardian

  37. Alicia Gore
    Alicia Gore
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    JOSH AND CRAINER: jelly do you know what you did?😡 JELLY: ehhh don’t worry about it we will get some later 😉 Me: jelly jelly jelly 🤦🏽‍♀️ 8:55

  38. Galaxy Narto
    Galaxy Narto
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    I wish I could play with you

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    laura raker-cihak
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    Your videos are the best. 😋

  40. Kurt Yumang
    Kurt Yumang
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    crainer said: jolopi. josh said: jolopi. crainer already said jolopi and now josh said jolopi 🤣🤣😂

    1. Dev Gandhi
      Dev Gandhi
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      Wdym? Jelly said Johnny Crainer said Floppy and then Josh or Slogo said Jloppy

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    I want two more Ep.

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      Diego Hernandez
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    Slogo do more one block

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    Why were you all guys playing like noob

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    guten morgen slogomann btw i OG FAN!! i actually dont know why

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    make ep 5

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    Where did the series to 😢

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    did i just heard crainer said iron food???

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    hi slogo my name is cindy jelly is an poop

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    Should I make like a golden pickax

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    Jelly sucks

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    Who’s watching this in 2021 and wants the series to be in 2021

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    For those who are waiting for a new episode *they abandoned this series and created a new series*

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    Love the vids

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    14:22 am I the only one that noticed the totem floating in the water lol

    1. It’s Rosecat
      It’s Rosecat
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      I did too

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    Jamoya Ortiz
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    lol jelly puts dirt block in lava josh u realize what u just done jelly aaaa dont worry about it

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    I like how Jelly Said name the fish Johnny because that’s my name

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    Crainer: floppy Jelly: Johnny Crainer: floppy Jelly: no floppy is already dead this is Johnny Slogo: jaloppy

  93. Randy plays Games yeah
    Randy plays Games yeah
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    Crainer:floppy Jelly: Johnny Crainer: floppy Jelly: no floppy is already dead this is Johnny Slogo: jloppy

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