We Made a ONE LIFE Hardcore MINECRAFT Server! (Impossible)

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      Yes I will because your my favourite AMgetr 🥺♥️😌

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      I love and your Chanel

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    Slogo happy birthday superman AMget JELLY 😍 crainer

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    You killed SpongeBob

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    Japes and celery Gaming
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    The green Sligo killed was hermit the frog

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    Is that prestonplays

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    Wath is the. Ip adres

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    Balasubramanian Karthikeyan
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    First you beat he is a AMgetr named preston

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    I never watch crainers videos or jellies videos never ever.

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    Shari Kretsch
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    do a video that has raining lucky blocks.

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    you hit the lava guy is that preston

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    Omg this series is so cool!

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    I am your best fan

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    Yea yea jelly kills the one with foods lol

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    I feel bad for the person that was doing the stand :(

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    I play craftsman it is like minecraft

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    How do you get vanilla minecraft

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    FBI open

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      My name is DAYEEN

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      FBI open up

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    Slogo what was the Redbox for

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    I don’t want to wach you why did you kill me

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    Zacari Howard
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    teaming is mean it’s to mean just bc you guys are friends that does not mean team just to mean imagine you guys being teamed

  24. Peter Tshiamu
    Peter Tshiamu
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    Doesn't this sounds like the human evolution😂 literally😂😂😂from killing each other to finding a way to coexist

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    That was me i was so Happy to meet you nearly KILLED me Thx for not tho

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    He made it to 10 million

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    hes so close to 10 mil

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    slogo your rud

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    Slogo and Jelly were so mean

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    Bro be nicer that was mean

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    Why is your skin wearing diper

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    Jelly looks way better that usual

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    Team SLOGO

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    i well tell someone you build a secret entrance.

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    Ok Mmsjsjsjs

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    Slogoman and jelly is good at m

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    Only legends are watching in 2021

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    anyone watching in 2021

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    the first person they punch is like prestons character

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    Slogo man hello

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    How do i get in the server

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    That is and that is the sound of TNT's broken

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    What the heck is your skin

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    Everyone be copying ADShadowlady

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    What is this server

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    Who watch this from 2021

  51. Rain Andrew
    Rain Andrew
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    1:22 some of the players joined are part of the among us like:Peganix_Ignis, Dimitris etc.

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    Cebile Ntini
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    That was preston

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    hey slogo im on discord

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    hey Slogo its jaws shark how do you find dimons with a tresure map I played among us with you

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    Wel you

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    He is the lava guy

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    Do not hit Preston he is a good AMgetr to

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    Sup moit

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    Do you know prestonplaz

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    Slogo you are so cool unlike Jelly and Crainer

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    Jelly: don't make house in one life Slogo: what is we make house

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    Slogo Jelly 💖

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    I love slogoman

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    I don't know if it is just me but jelly sounds like he is saying Eye in its I ern

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    You killed my stand

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    i wish the server was still running

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    I sew prästen

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    There really mean I got raised to

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    Add all of ur servers into one massive server

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    Ok I did

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    Jelly make some frind in hard-core

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    Cooo my Friend HARDCORE COOL

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    jelly so rude he fire the house

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    I love watching this is so fun

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    lier i cant join

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    Please upload more on your and Jelly’s world it’s soo good I hit the bell to know when😎 Code Slogo

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    Your the best slogo and Jelly and afcorse crainer

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    Why are you crying or always make fun jokes about Jody like like he’s sure and stuff why are you make that stuff please answer and this is me on my moms phone

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    what is the ip

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    What are you doing spell name like jelly and you crainer dream and jelly speedrunner vs Hunter

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    Jelly so. Dream

  83. Liam Bryce
    Liam Bryce
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    im watching i 2021, and im like "wtf is josh's skin????"

    1. Tristan King
      Tristan King
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      he had a old skin

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    Pleas don't kill my Kagan we bee vrends😉😉😉😉

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    if i play on this server i will be in joshes skin

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    I tried to be nice :(

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    Your videos make my day

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    I can’t get on one life and I haven’t died I don’t even know what some people have

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    Why does your Minecraft skin have a diaper

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    4:31 jelly say treepers Me:HAHAHAHA

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    i subscribed a

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    Did you live in engelglend

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    Peeston plays is master pakour it's skin is lava

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    16:21 anyone noticed what was there at the corner looked like iron.

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    I want more one lofe video

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      I miss spel oops

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    Your hair is a little bit flat LOLOLOLOLILOLOL 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Who’s playing in the worst year ever/you no it just amit

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    I like jelly bettter than josh

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